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2018-19 Diary Week 25


Greg Stewart’s recall this week has been another blow to our plans but the Club have been willing to push the boat out to keep him and Steve Clarke is waiting on Birmingham responding to our latest offer.

The Trust’s Tweet about how 3,000 Killie fans signing up for the Trust in Killie initiative entry level would have put another £360,000 into the coffers last year has caused a bit of a stir, with a veritable storm of new memberships and fans subscribing to TIK.

There has been 29 new memberships taken out and 100 new subscribers to TIK in the last couple of days! This begged the question for many, what is the difference between the “Killie Trust” and the “Trust In Killie” initiative?

The Killie Trust (Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd.) has 1,465 Shareholders and 609 active members and costs £10 a year to join. Your first £1 buys your share and the rest goes into the general fund to operate the Trust. Your membership should renew automatically every year as long as there is £10 in your account to cover it. If you keep your membership ‘active’ then you will receive mailshots, be allowed to vote and be eligible to put yourself forward for the Trust Board.  You can sign up HERE

Trust In Killie (TIK) is the main initiative being undertaken by the Killie Trust at the moment. There are currently 357 subscribers who pay between £10 and £25 a month into this and every penny goes to the Club to buy unallocated shares, creating a tax free revenue stream to boost our budget. The initiative has already delivered £100,000 to the Club and in return we now have a representative on the Club Board. Targets for Phase Two of the initiative will be discussed at the Trust’s AGM on  Wednesday 16th January but regardless of what is agreed upon, our contributions allow the Football Club to reallocate funds to whatever they deem necessary so in effect it is all really just going into the same pot. You can sign up HERE

More details including a Frequently Asked Questions page can be found HERE

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