April 2016

No. of Shots

10 9

Shots on Target

4 4


55% 45%

Fouls Conceded

9 15

Corners Won

6 3


Goals Stewart 3, & 20


Killie Team

Bachmann, O'Donnell, Broadfoot, (Tishbola 51), S Boyd, Taylor, Burke, Power, Dicker, Jones, Brophy, (Wilson 67), Stewart, (Ndjoli 87).  
Subs Not Used: MacDonald, McKenzie, Waters & K Boyd, 

Attendance: 4,143

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Match Recap:

One league defeat in their last 11 matches. Four clean-sheets in a row. Five goals in their last two games. Top of the league by a point. All the statistics point to one thing - Kilmarnock are absolutely flying.


Steve Clarke:   "It’s nice for the supporters, they’ll enjoy tonight looking at the league table. For us, it is another three points.  It probably wasn’t our best performance in the second half but three good points against a difficult opponent.  I’ve got such an honest bunch of players that they are a little bit like me and the feeling I got in the dressing room was that they were a little bit disappointed with their second half performance tonight.  They’ll look at the table and realise that if you work hard and you’re a good group of players then you’ll pick up points in this league and sometimes you get quite close to the summit. But like I said before nobody here is getting carried away with themselves.  We’ve still got an awful lot of work to do here.  At the first goal they will be disappointed that it came from a corner kick but it was a good delivery and good movement from Greg in the box. I liked the second goal, they tend to get a lot of bodies in the box from deep free kicks and we caught them on the counter attack, which is something we spoke about before the game. From our point of view, it’s a good goal to score against an opponent who put a lot of bodies forward into the box.  Greg (Stewart) has been really good for us. He probably took a gamble coming back to Scotland but if works out well for Greg and for Kilmarnock then everyone can be happy."

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