Part 30 - Celtic (H)

Annoni Hates Killie's Killer Bs

Y'know. Most teams get a wee boost from doing well in the cup, but not Ki- hang on... we did? Well fancy that!

That's right., after giving Morton a shoeing on the Saturday, we played host to Celtic on the Tuesday and had plenty of shoes left over in case the visitors in green and white were feeling left out. In all honesty it turned out to be more of a big tackity boot Celtic received as our wing wizards decided to have a little fun with the visiting back line. 

Both Bagan & Burke had field days, taking great pleasure in toying with poor Enrico Annoni, before ripping him to shreds as they scorched by him. 

After about 25 minutes we took the lead in spectacular style. A free kick about 30 yards out had both The Legend Dylan Kerr and Paul Wright standing over it. It was Wright who took aim and promptly banjoed the ball straight through the wall, past the helpless goalie and into the top corner of the net.

McIntyre almost made it two as, once again, the visiting defence was opened up like a can of cheap spam (With a wee key? - Ed.) but their goalie managed to smother his shot. The second goal, when it arrived, wasn't bad either. Burke picked up the ball in his own half, you could almost smell Annoni's shorts as he saw the wee fella heading towards him.

Not wanting to be made to look like a great big baldy heffelump again, he showed Burke inside.

'Don't mind if I do' thought the wee man as he put the foot down and raced towards goal.

An inch perfect pass found John Henry all on his lonesome - the visitors seemed to be more concerned with stopping Burke than marking.

Henry's shot was blocked, but Burke continued forward just in case. His work was rewarded as the ball broke straight to him and he buried it beyond Annoni on the line to complete the Italian's night of misery.

FULL TIME: Kilmarnock 2-0 Celtic.

Three points and a shut out to the good guys and years of counselling for several Celtic players. After five league defeats in a row this win put Killie 4 points clear of Raith Rovers. Would this win act as the catalyst for Bobby Williamson's side to pull clear of the danger zone? 

Well, clearly. Still, it'll be fun looking back on the games between now and May.


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