Part 29 - Greenock Morton (A)

Goals Galore at Cappielow

Killie score 5... technically 7 since Alan Mahood kent what side his bread was buttered.

Cappielow in the spring time. Big crowd, lovely sun, honking Bovril that was congealed at the bottom of the cup. Yes! It's the magic of the quarter final of the Scottish Cup.

It only took 15 minutes for us to break down the home team as David Bagan (I'd love to know who this Jim Bagan was that Chick Young was so obsessed with) whipped in a corner which was met with sheer panic by the Ton defenders, before hero of the afternoon John Henry (at least he got his name right) blasted it into the net.

2-0 soon followed. Henry receiving the ball at the corner of the box, looked like he was shaping to have a crack himself, when in rushed Paul Wright. Henry left it to him, and Bunion fired home past the despairing dive of their keeper. It was three and easy when Jim McIntyre tormented the home defenders. Not content with beating them once, he did them twice before teeing the ball up for Henry to get his second of the game.

Just before the interval Morton's McCahill got his walking papers for trying to give Paul Wright a proctology exam. (Bit much - Ed.)

This seemed to inspire the home side. As they set about us in the second half. Future Killie man, Alan Mahood, proceeded to try and sell himself to us, by almost knocking us out of the cup. 10 minutes into the second half and he danced his way through our defence to cut the deficit to 3-1.

9 minutes later and our lead was cut to just 3-2 when Mahood glanced a near post header past Lekovic into the net. Causing one person to lose their blanket, as he leapt up in the director's box to celebrate.

Sit doon auld yin. We're not done yet.

We woke back up from our second half slumbers and a fine piece of interplay between McIntyre & Burke, ripped the home team apart, allowing McIntyre to slot home and restore some balance to the universe. 4-2.

5-2 soon came. Great work down the right hand side between The Legend Dylan Kerr & Jim McIntyre once again opened up the home defence.

The Legend's cross was millimetre perfect for John Henry to meet and head home despite Broono have a cheeky wee try at grabbing the goal for himself right on the line.

5-2. Semi finals here we come!

Lekovic, MacPherson, Kerr, Monty, Hamilton, Reilly, Bagan, Henry, Wright, McIntyre, Burke.

Subs: Findlay, Brown & McKee for Bagan, Wright & Burke.

Attendance: 8,826

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