Part 26 - Hearts (A)

Aren't We Supposed To Win 2-0 at Tynecastle?

It could all have been so different had Mavis' rocket free kick not taken out the school end post. end? Isn't it a brewery behind that goal? Folk from Edinburgh are weird. Sending their kids to a brewery. Although...

X certificate defending from us, combined with X certificate finishing from Colin Cameron, kept the score blank. 

That was until Paul Ritchie. You may remember him from the beginning of the season. Scoring 2 goals against us in our early season defeat at Tynecastle. Well he grabbed his first goal since then to open the scoring. A corner, comically defended by the boys in blue & white. Five defenders in the 6 yard box, while Lekovic was auditioning to play Superman. Ritchie couldn't really miss. And he didn't.

HALF TIME: Hearts 1 - 0 Kilmarnock

Into the second half & Colin Cameron, showing us all his spot on impersonation of early 2000s Andy Smith, passed up a glorious chance to make it two for Hearts. He did everything well, drew out Lekovic, slotted the ball under his body, but the shot hit the face of the post and came right back out.

With two wasted chances behind him, it'll come as no surprise that when the home side did eventually double their lead, to secure the points, Neil McCann completely ignored the pleas of the free Colin Cameron to bury the ball passed Lekovic himself.

2-0 defeat. Not the best prep for next week's away tie in the cup, but... well... more on that story later. As every bad impression of Kirsty Wark always says.

Lekovic, MacPherson, Kerr, Anderson, McGowne, Reilly, Mitchell, Brown, McIntyre, Roberts, Bagan.

Subs: Wright & Henry for Reilly & Roberts.

Attendance: 11,020

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