Part 25 - Aberdeen (A)

Back to the league, back to defeats

What happens when a Killie team travels to a side struggling for goals? Yep. It happened back then too. Aberdeen did exhibit some X certificate finishing and a few fine saves from Dragoje Lekovic kept it respectable but it was as resounding a defeat as you're likely to see.

Comedy name Windass gave the Dons the lead after 20 minutes. Four minutes later, it was 2. Windass again starting and finishing the move this time, as our defence played musical statues - unfortunately there was no music.

HALF TIME: Aberdeen 2 - 0 Kilmarnock

We dragged ourselves back into it just after the break, Jim McIntyre scored from about 2 inches out.

We did our very best to help the dons' scoring problems. Kevin McGowne going close with a header, and a dummy which had Lekovic clawing at air, before eventually flumping down on the ball to save the blushes.

FULL TIME: Aberdeen 2 - 1 Kilmarnock

Lekovic, MacPherson, Kerr, Anderson, McGowne, Reilly, Bagan, Brown, McIntyre, Roberts, Burke
Subs: Wright & Henry for Bagan & Brown

Attendance: 8,361

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