Part 17 - Aberdeen (H)

Lambs Chopped

Killie bounced back straight away from the midweek defeat at the hands of Rangers by taking Aberdeen apart in the penultimate game of 1996. Aberdeen, as is so often the case, had the look of a team who believed that all they needed to do was show up and collect the points. Killie were ruthless in putting their gas at a peep.

Having come on as a sub during the week, youngster Alex Burke made his first start in this game and set about making a name for himself.

After non-stop pressure right from the first whistle, it fell to Burke to score the first goal. With the visiting defence posted missing, a deep cross found its way to Burke who had no defender within 50 miles of him as he picked his spot and lashed the ball beyond the Dons keeper.

It took the visitors almost all of the first half to register anything of note. Lekovic producing a good save which was closely followed by Scottish Cup model Billy Dodds trying to convince everyone that he wasn't in fact so far offside he was actually in Troon when he put the ball in the back of the net. The officials were having none of it.

HALF TIME: Kilmarnock 1 - 0 Aberdeen

The second half wasn't even ten minutes old when Killie doubled their lead. A long pass from the back found its way to Ally Mitchell, who was carving the visitors open down the wing. His first time looping cross dropped perfectly at the back post for Burke. Who, despite being under enormous pressure, kept his composure to head the ball home from close range. 2-0!

It was all over bar the shouting now. A long range, half-hearted effort was all the visitors could muster before the end. Lekovic had no problem dealing with it.

The rout was completed just as time was running out. Another fast counter attack by us ended up with Mark Roberts firing home from ten yards out as the visiting defence was sending up the bat signal for help. None came & the points stayed at Rugby Park. Much to the chagrin of the away supporters who thought they'd all dress as Santa to get on the telly.

FULL TIME: Kilmarnock 3 - 0 Aberdeen. Not bad for a team playing without the services of their top scorer.

Lekovic, MacPherson, Dylan Kerr, Lauchlan, McGowne, Findlay, Mitchell, Reilly, McIntyre, Bagan, Burke
Subs: Roberts & Alan Kerr for McIntyre & Burke.
Attendance: 6,114

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