Managers Comments

Mar 7th 2020 on the Accies Post-Match:"The boys were unprofessional. Hamilton went down to 10 men, we had control and a lot of chances but not being clinical, and then we let them in from some rash play. "We've had good opportunities. We played well in parts of the game. It's unprofessional that we've given them a sniff and at this level you get punished."  - Match Recap -

Mar 4th 2020 on the Dons Post-Match: "The team performance was very good in periods. We start very well, go two goals up and then we panic for the last 15 minutes of the first half and carry it on in the second. "But, when it goes back to 2-2, we started playing again. I'm very disappointed. Like last time, we had chances to win the game."  - Match Recap -

Feb 23rd on the Celtic Post-Match: "We were doing alright - I thought we were in control. Then they started to play a bit, put us under pressure. We were sloppy for the goals, and scored maybe too early. The gameplan was to win the game, or at least get a point, but we came up against a side in really good form. I'm still happy with my boys - they worked hard and gave it all they've got after a hard week."  - Match Recap -

Feb 22nd on the Celtic Pre-Match:  “I have got no worries about the boys reacting. They are professional enough to react because they have been there before. I have no worries about getting a good performance against Celtic. We are ready to go there and do the best we can and work hard for a result.  Celtic are a good team but so are we. We have had one day rest more than them. They are used to playing Thursday and Sunday though and have no problem with that. We know it’s going to be a tough game but we are preparing for it. The target has not changed since the day I took this job on. It’s to try and get in the top six. Let’s see if we can get in the top six because we could still have a few results that make us look the other way as well." 

Feb 19th on the Dons (Cup Replay)Post-Match: "It's a sad one to sum up, Madness decisions have cost us. The game was won and we had our hands on the next round of the cup. T hey are not kids out there. They are experienced players who have been in this situation before and they should know how to see out the game. If people don't do their jobs, good sides punish you and that's what they've done. We blew it, simple as that." - Match Recap -

Feb 16th on the Hibs Post-Match: "They worked hard and gave me all they had but it wasn't to be today. There was good balls going in the box but we just need to anticipate a little bit better and take a chance. We will regroup and go again. I cant fault their efforts. We weren't great first half, but we came up against a good side. If we had equalised and came away with a point I would've been well happy with that. It's now about regrouping, going again and trying to start another mini run." - Match Recap -

Feb 13th on Racisim in Football (and Existing at Killie): "We also know this isn't just about football, It's society's problem, but at the end of the day, we don't want anyone with that mentality around this football club. Kilmarnock have been brilliant," he said. "The club has given me a opportunity to manage it. As you can see, I'm a black man, but that never came into it at all. I was hired because of my ability and long may that continue. This is a great football club and a great town to live in with good people. One or two aren't going to spoil it for the rest. If people do have those thoughts, we'll eradicate it from this football club. 

Feb 12th on the Rangers Post-Match: "I'm just happy that we showed what we can do after showing Rangers too much respect in the first half. If someone says 'that reminds me of a Steve Clarke team', I'll take that all day. I learned so much from the gaffer." - Match Recap -

Feb 8th 2020 on the Dons (Scot Cup) Post-Match: "I know both teams probably didn't want a replay but we're happy with the result. It was tough, the wind was strong, but the boys dealt with the weather. We are happy to still be in the Cup and have another bite at the cherry. It's three games [unbeaten], three tough games, three good results. We're happy and it's working out well at the moment - the boys are working for each other.". - Match Recap

Feb 4th 2020 on the Hearts Post-Match: "The last 10 minutes we were under a bit of pressure, but you'd expect that coming here. The boys stuck in and put in a good performance to take the three points. We've had two good wins now, two very good wins. Our aim is always to get in the top six, but before that we need to look the other way. It's important we keep our feet on the ground." - Match Recap

Feb 1st on the Staggies Post-Match: "The players dug in, they knew that they were playing well and knew they'd get the chances to score, which they did. They deserve what they got today - it's been a long run but today was a good day and hopefully we can build on it now." - Match Recap

Jan 25th on the Saints Post-Match: "We're not good enough at the moment. I'm not saying they are not giving 100% but it's 100% of what they've got and, at this time, it's not good enough. It's not a quick fix. It's about working hard on the training pitch and trying to get one or two [new players] in. We have good players in that changing-room, but confidence is low because we've not won for ages, We have to dig in and not feel sorry for ourselves to turn it round." - Match Recap -

Jan 22nd on the Celtic Post-Match: "I thought we did well at times, but mistakes cost us the game. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the way we performed. Since we've come back after the break the boys have been good and it's showed so far in the way we've trained and played. Hopefully we can push on and pick up points against the teams around us. - Match Recap -

Jan 13th 2020 on Squad Planning:  “We need to bring one or two in, without a doubt we need to have a more potent strike force. Eamonn is a good player but he’s carried it all season to be fair. We’ve not given him time to have a rest and not given him enough chances. I’m not worried about the ones he’s missed because as a striker that’s how it is. He needs help up there, he needs time where I take him out of the side and say, ‘look, sit on the bench because you need a rest’. We have quality in areas I’m happy with and there are one or two where we need to bring players in. Whoever comes in has to buy into what we want to do. We want to try and hit the targets we’ve set ourselves."

Jan 8th 2020: "I don't see why we need to change that. If it worked we'll keep doing it.  It's about working hard, giving the players jobs and roles on the pitch that they know, not trying to get them to do something that they don't know how to do or not comfortable with doing. That's all it is. It's simple. It's basic. I know what's in the changing room and there's quality there. Hopefully we can add one or two more and then hit the targets that we've set ourselves. I'm hoping that they're happy and I think they would tell me if they weren't, They're an honest bunch. We work hard together. I listen to them and they listen to me. I try to be fair with everyone and give everyone a shot. But obviously we're at a point now that we have targets and I want to get this club back in the top six and try to stay in the top six. The only way we can do that is by working hard on the training pitch and in games."

Dec 30th on Being Named Killie Boss Thru the End of the Season: “I care deeply about this fantastic football club and it is a privilege to be named Manager until the end of the season. I believe we have a good group of players at the club and with a few additions during the transfer window then I’m convinced we can rejuvenate our season and re-establish the identity the club has built over the past few years.”


Dec 30th 2019: Killie put Alex Dyer in charge as First Team Manager thru the end of the 2019-20 season.


Dec 29th on the Buddies Post-Match:  "We need to sort out the manager issue straight away, Whether it's me or its someone else, the players need to know. Then we can work on getting some fresh blood in and working from there. It definitely needs to be made over the next week or so. Then it gives us a good three weeks to get players in. We've spoken about players already. Dyer was assistant manager to Steve Clarke at Rugby Park, and remained in that role following the appointment of Italian Alessio in the summer.  Someone else might come in and then they might want to keep me or they might want me to go, That's my other issue. I can't be throwing my hat in there and then all of a sudden someone else comes in and says 'I don't want Alex Dyer around'. It's a difficult situation. I love the football club and I want to be around. But if a new manager comes in and says 'I don't want Alex Dyer around' then Alex Dyer has to go, and that's life."  - Match Recap -

Dec 27th Dyer on Being Ready For The Killie Job: "I know I'm confident enough to do it as I've had the schooling, But it's not my decision. No-one has come to me and asked me to do it yet. There is no news at all. That's the honest truth. Everyone who is in this game wants to be a number one at some point, I'm 54 years of age, I've been around a long time and this could be my chance. If it's not then I'll move on and do what I need to do for the football club or elsewhere. Why has it not been right to be a manager before now? Opportunities and maybe confidence in my own abilities. I've had good schooling throughout all my career, but the last two years have been excellent, What I thought I knew, I didn't know enough. Working with the gaffer, Mr Clarke, has been excellent. I knew he was good when I first met him at West Ham and I jumped at the chance to come here to Kilmarnock when he called me. For two years, it's been brilliant educational wise and I now know I could go to that next level."

Dec 26th on the Rangers Post-Match: "We were outstanding. Everyone worked hard, they were confident, I was chuffed with them - very pleased.  We knew what kind of game it was going to be. It was just about us having discipline and sticking to a game plan and hopefully we would create a couple of opportunities - which we did do." - Match Recap -

Dec 21st on the Well Post-Match: "The second half I thought we played well, created some chances. Disappointed with the goal obviously. I'm gutted for the boys because they gave 100%." - Match Recap -


Dec 17th 2019: Killie fire Angelo Alessio and place assistant manager Alex Dyer in charge through the remainder of 2019.


Dec 14th on the Staggies Post-Match:  "I think it was a good performance from my team. Of course I'm disappointed because we conceded the goal at the end of the game. It's football, we have to pay attention. We made a mistake in this situation and we lost the game. I think it was a good reaction after the last game [3-0 defeat to Livingston]. We deserved one point."  - Match Recap -

Dec 7th on the Livi Post-Match:  "In the first half, we were in the game. I thought we played good football. Whereas in the second half, the first goal changed the game.  We were ready for set-pieces and throw-ins but we conceded after a free-kick. Then it was difficult for us to get back in to the game. After the second goal my team lacked consistency and played badly."   - Match Recap -

Dec 4th on the Saints Post-Match: "It was a tough game, we are disappointed with the performance but the draw is the right result. It was a very poor game. For me we should have had a penalty, it was clear." - Match Recap -

Nov 30th on the Hibs Post-Match:   “Anything can happen. After Bruce scored the team believed they could come back into the game. It was a bad first half for us. I didn’t recognise my team. What had happened? It wasn’t good.  The beginning of the second half started the same way then we started to play. It was another type of game for us.  Before scoring we missed the opportunities with Rory McKenzie then Liam Millar then Chris Burke.   But I think the team believed they could come back and this happened in the last seconds of the game.  Before that we were to blame because our football wasn’t there in the first half. We needed to be strong on the pitch. Our football for us is sometimes ok and we play football very well.  But we should work hard in every game, have good personality and fight. The second half was a good reaction.”
On Liam Millar: “In the last period he didn’t play regularly but I know he has good skills. He showed that.  But I want more because he has quality to play well. He’s young and he can improve a lot.”    - Match Recap -

Nov 23rd on the Hearts Post-Match:  “I heard the supporters singing my name and I was both embarrassed and happy – not for me, but for my players. The fans love this team and you could see that. Today’s a good day because we scored three goals in the opening 20 minutes. Every game’s tough but my players showed the right attitude and approach and we created a lot of chances. We deserved the goals and the result. A few months ago our problem was not scoring often enough goals so we’re happy that tofday we scored three, rather than being disappointed not to have scored more. It was important to win this match because we want as many points as possible going into this busy period. We have games against the Old Firm coming up in the next few weeks.” 
On Chris Burke: It was a great performance from him but I’m not surprised because I’ve seen him do that in our training sessions. He plays the game like he’s a young man, not someone who’s about to turn 36. He works hard every day and he’s a true professional. I am happy for him because he deserves this.”  - Match Recap -

Nov 9th on the Accies Post-Match: "I'm angry because we could've done better. We conceded two easy goals and played 60 minutes with 11 against 10. A lot of mistakes were made. I feel like we lost two points." - Match Recap -

October 2019 Labrokes Premiership Manager of the Month

Nov 7th on Being Named Labrokes Premiership Manager of the Month for October, : "I'm very proud of the award because it comes after a difficult start.  So I consider it an award shared with my staff and my players and all colleagues at Kilmarnock. It was important to work in the right way and believe in my methods. They chose me for this job. It was a difficult start for many reasons after being eliminated from the Europa League and losing the first two matches. But that's the past, we have to forget the bad start. Our focus is on the next game. It's difficult because I have won it after two defeats but we were going very well until Motherwell and then had some problems in terms of injuries which complicated our progress. I have a lot of players from last season and I have to consider this. I wanted to change some things about the style, I believe in my methods, but I have to be flexible because I have these players. I kept the same style as last season and I changed some situations on the pitch but now we have to continue, in the future I want to put in place other things I believe."

Nov 2nd on the Dons Post-Match:  "We knew it was going to be a very difficult game as we came here without several players in the centre-back position. We just have to forget this game. We have built our season on the defensive line, but we were without four centre-backs and we tried Dicker and Wilson, but they are out of position." - Match Recap -

Oct 30th on the Well Post-Match:  "I think it was no free kick and then no sending off. Bruce takes the ball. But the referee gave the free kick and sent him off. I think this is the main point in the game.  I think the players played well and we do our best to come back into the game and at the end of the game two or three chances to score." - Match Recap -

Oct 26th on the Buddies Post-Match: “We are very happy, with both result and performances. We went through bad periods but showed enough quality to win the game, I watched a lot of their games and they play well. They attack on the counter very quickly and have good attackers – so to get a result against them is very pleasing.  We still have some issues in attack and creating chances: and whilst it wasn’t great in terms of scoring, the result was more important. We are building upon it all the time, we now focus on the next game and improvement.  Whenever Alex plays, he always does well. It’s difficult for him to start because of the defenders we have but he’s the ultimate professional and a good person.  Findlay’s hamstring was sore, same with Dario. We shall assess their situation on Monday, if it’s bad, it is a shame, But, we have enough depth in our squad to deal with it". - Match Recap -

Oct 19th on the Livi Post-Match:  “I asked them to play with more personality.  It’s ok to make mistakes but we have to go ahead with personality and don’t think about the mistakes.  I think it was a very hard game, this team are a physical team with big stature. The game was very hard because in the first half and in the first 30 minutes we made a lot of mistakes then we scored the goal with Dicker, which was good for us. I think we can play better in the match and control moments of the match better. We have to keep the ball more and try to find solutions and stop the mistakes. The big disappointment was not that we didn’t keep another clean sheet but that we gave them such a cheap goal. If we had been more focused, we wouldn’t have conceded. That can happen in the game but, in the end, the most important thing was the result.  We can do better than that and we have to continue doing that because every game is tough. The fans were behind us again and that is important because together we are building our season.” - Match Recap -

Oct 17th on Signing Simeon Jackson: "We needed another striker after Sow's injury, He can help our team. He trained with us for a week and then signed his contract. He has similar quality and skill to Brophy," Alessio added. "He has a lot of experience in the Premiership and it's important to have him here, and I have another alternative to Brophy. I hope he scores a lot of goals here, but at the moment it's just important to have another striker."

Oct 5th on the Hearts Post-Match: “I am very happy because I saw a good spirit, we played with great compactness and I believe we deserved to win by full-time,  We work hard on the defensive side of our game but I still want improvements in attack. That compactness we show under pressure is good, but we simply need to score more. They were dangerous, but my team played a solid defensive line. It’s a very good result.  Everyone has been playing so well: Dario was excellent today and Bruce, who was so good last week.  I’m happy for Burkey, he has had a lot of chances to score recently. I’m thrilled that he’s been able to get the goal. I want to thank our fans because all through the game, they cheered on me and the team. Losing Eamonn is hard, but now with two weeks to recover is good. We start training again on Monday and look to see what we can do to improve.” - Match Recap -

Sept 28th on the Staggies Post-Match: "We deserved the win but at the end we only get one point. It's frustrating but I saw a good spirit from the team - we played well. We will continue in this way - I have trust in my team.I don't blame Osman Sow - we missed two penalties on Wednesday. Maybe in the training sessions we will practice penalties!"   - Match Recap -  

Sept 26th on the Staggies Pre-Match:  “Every game is tough: Ross County have won their last two games and deserve their position in the table. They’re a good team with good players and we need to be at our best, We work on specifics in training, we are building every day and understand the need to improve in attack.” 

Sept 24th on the Hibs (Lge Cup) Post-Match: “I think it is the worst way to lose a game. It is football and we accept the result but it’s hugely disappointing, “The game for the most part was balanced, the second-half was a bit better as we created a few chances to score a goal.  At the end of extra time the penalties were what they were. Again, we accept the result and are hugely disappointed. We have another big game on Saturday, and we go again at the weekend,” he continued. I think the team, every player, play 100% every game. We have two days to prepare for the game against Ross County. 12O minutes under our belt and we must now go back to training and restart. All our attention is now on Ross County.” - Match Recap -

Sept 22nd on the Celtic Post-Match:  "It was a shame because we scored a good goal then conceded with one minute left of the first half. Celtic deserved to win but my team played well."  - Match Recap -

Sept 20th on the Celtic Pre-Match: "Of course, it was important to change something, I think every manager needs time to understand the situation. At the beginning we had a problem and the season started very early.  We lost against Connah's Quay and it changed our plans. When we started the first match in the Premiership we lost against Rangers at the end of the game. A lot of difficult times have passed but I think it was important to understand our dimensions and know the players because, for me as a coach, these are all new players and there needed to be time to know and understand our situation and the right style of play. I think Celtic are like Juventus in Italy. It's an extra tough game, They have a lot of good players and they can rotate plenty of good players during the game. We will prepare the best way for this game. Of course, we will face a lot of difficult there but we will try our best.  They have a big squad and a lot of players. I don't think they'll have any problems after their European game."

Sept 14th 2019 on the Hibs Post-Match:   “I’m very happy because we got a good win and we played good football in the second half and we deserved the win. I appreciate the pass from Stephen – it was a very good, long pass and Millar finished it very well.  We played very well in the second half. It was good to see El Makrini score – in the first four matches we only scored two goals and they were from Stephen O’Donnell All the players are improving and we are now compact and solid as a team and we’re taking opportunities to score. It was important to have another clean sheet not only for the defenders but we have Dicker, Power, El Makrini as well as McKenzie and Millar helping with the defensive line. They’ve worked very well and I’m happy with this.”  - Match Recap -

Sept 13th on his Training Metods (Post Broadwood's Departing Comments): "Every manager has their methods and I believe in my methods,  I don't know if there are other players [training on their own], they have not said this to me. I have convictions in my methods and I continue this way. My focus is for all the team, all the players believe in my convictions and believe in my methods. I think the players can adopt my methods and I will see that in games and in the training. I'm d isappointed for Broadfoot. Some players are unhappy because they are on the bench or stay in the stand, it's normal."

Aug 31st on the Saints Post-Match: "I am very happy, because it's the first win. My team played very well today. Playing away against St Johnstone isn't easy but everyone played well. I want to thank our supporters for their support. We deserved this result." - Match Recap -

Aug 30th 2019 on Taylor Moving to Celtic: “Celtic is a top, top club in Scotland. It can improve Greg’s career. It would be a great opportunity for him.  But at the same time, as a coach, I want him to stay because he is important for us. At the moment, I repeat it is only a conversation with the club and I hope he can stay. I understand the situation. It is frustrating just now. I’d hoped for more new players during the last two months, especially a striker. Is it frustrating for Taylor? No. I spoke with him about his injury and the situation and he is calm. For him it is important to think about Kilmarnock. His job is to be a player for Kilmarnock. At the moment there are some conversations — only conversations — between the clubs. But I don’t think at the moment there is the possibility of losing Greg. This task is not mine, it’s the club’s. But it has to be the right thing for the club. Every day I read about Celtic and Sunderland. But it’s only conversations. It’s normal in this period of the market. It’s difficult because I’ve already said we want to keep our best players. I hope it’s not inevitable that he’ll leave before the deadline. He’s an important player for us and the team. But if the club receives the right offer we may lose him. At the moment it’s difficult because the players can see an opportunity to change and improve their career.
On the Saints Pre-Match: "But my focus is my team and the game on Saturday. Greg only trained today, but I don’t know if he will play as he has a little hamstring injury. So at this moment I think we’ll be without him. It’s a blow that Findlay and Broadfoot are also injured. In the last two weeks we have had good results against Hamilton and Aberdeen and we want to keep improving on our performances to win again on Saturday.
I’ll make my final decision on them at the end of the week. At the moment we have Alex Bruce and Luke Barlow, a younger defender from our academy, who could come in. The circumstances of them coming in is not good, but I’m still hopeful that one or two players can recover in time.” 

Aug 24th on the Dons Post-Match: “I am happy for the first league point but at the same time I think we deserved a bit more.  In the second half, we created one or two chances, including Burkey’s chance as he tried to dribble past the goalkeeper and shoot. Our confidence is much better after last weekend’s win over Hamilton and I saw the team put in some good work during the week. I’m happy because I saw a good performance.”   - Match Recap -

Aug 23rd on the Dons Pre-Match: “I want two players for every position. We have Greg Taylor at left-back and now we have Hamalainen. There are 10 or 11 days left of the market but we know our situation with Greg Taylor. It’s only rumours. I’ve spoken a lot of times about this situation with the board and Billy Bowie. We agree that we want to keep our best players. It’s an easy situation. Greg is a good player in my team and I don’t want to think about him going away. We’re pleased to have Niko here. He’s young and athletic and we believe he can be a good addition.”

Aug 17th on the Accies (League Cup) Post-Match:   “I think the team today play a good game but at the start were maybe a little bit nervous. That’s normal but it’s important to not concede a goal,  Dom came on to the pitch for us and did a good job. I want it known that all substitutes today. Dicker, because he is captain, played very well. Kiltie and Miller too. I think this game is important for this, I try to do what’s best for the team and I’m happy with the result and the right attitude from the subs.” - Match Recap -

Aug 16th on the Accies (League Cup) Pre-Match: "I'm optimistic the first win will come soon because I see the team playing good football with fluency, creating plenty of chances, But, at the same time, we're being punished for every defensive error at the moment. It's been tough but I'm enjoying the challenge. It's different; a different country; different football but I think it's important for me to give my team a good understanding of what I want to bring. We need to give more; we need to do better. We run a lot, we work hard on the pitch but at the end of the game we have no points."
Squad Updates:  "It's difficult to bring in the right players because a lot of clubs and agents are offering players but we don't want to make a mistake. We need to bring in other players up front but this market is very difficult because other teams want the same player."

Aug 10th 2019 on the Accies Post-Match: 'Im very angry, very disappointed with the result. We conceded two stupid goals. We create some opportunities but we could stay here two days and not score a goal."I hope in the next few days we take some players because this team needs other players. We have to complete this team. I am happy with the players I have, but in some roles we don't have a solution."  - Match Recap -

Aug 4th 2019 on the Rangers Post-Match:  “We knew it would be a tough game and I think the game was slow in the first half. At the same time, I got a good reaction and a good attitude from my team but the result is a shame. I think we have improved a lot, of course but we conceded two goals from two corners and we have to improve in this aspect. We have to keep the same attitude and determination [as the rest of the game] when we are marking in the box.  I believed we could come back and I believe we can come back and transfer these thoughts [at half time] to the players. In the second half we played well and we pressed more than the first half and we created two or three opportunities to score. I asked them to press more and my team played in this way.”   - Match Recap -

Aug 3rd 2019 on the Rangers Pre-Match:  “I am feeling good heading into the season. I am positive and it is important now to prepare as well as we can for the game. We know it will be a tough game because Rangers are a top side in Scottish football.  For this reason our focus this week will be on being ready for the game and being at 100 per cent.  This is a good test for me to start my league career at Kilmarnock. It’s the first game and having it against Rangers means it will be tough. But we are ready to put up a good fight against them. I have been watching them and getting used to how they play. I went to Glasgow and personally watched them in the Europa League. I think that they play very well and that they have the right principles and concepts. I think they do well in the Premiership this year, as they have a lot of good players physically and technically.  This team works hard every training session. I don’t think there any problems in terms of working every day.”

Aug 2nd 2019: "It is difficult in the summer market because every club wants the same players. It is difficult because we don't have enough good players in some roles, In some roles, we don't have another solution. We have only Eamonn Brophy as a striker. Eight players less is too much. At the moment, we need a striker, or two strikers, a couple of wingers, maybe another centre-back, It is difficult to find the players for many reasons, but we are confident that we will bring in players soon.”

July 27th 2019: Read our exclusive Interview with Angelo Alessio - Here

July 18th 2019 on the Nomads Post-Match:  "Every action was a foul, a yellow or red card. Unbelievable, Connah's Quay gave away a lot of fouls, but this is their strength.""It was very disappointing, In the first half we had three opportunities to score, but in the second half the game was no good.  I'm sorry. I didn't think this game [would go wrong] after the right result last week. At the same time I thought this team had the quality, the strength and the right motivation to come back in this game." 

July 11th 2019 on the Nomads Post-Match:   "‘I knew it would be a tough game for us – and that’s how it worked out.  The passion from my players and the reaction they showed after conceding the goal was very pleasing. It was key to us winning the game.  My team is strong. We never give up. This is a big show in Europe and we knew it would be tough.  I was not worried when they scored because we had all of the play.  We were in control of the match with lots of possession.  Even when they scored, I felt calm because I believe in my players. I know my players and I know the mental strength they have.   It is not easy when your opponent plays with ten men behind the ball.  We had two really good chances, but you have to say their goalkeeper made two very big important saves for them. In the last 15 minutes, their performance went down – and ours went up. I am happy and feel humbled because the Kilmarnock fans sang my name.  They deserve this result for the support they gave the team.  My players did well, but now we must to continue to prepare for next week".  - Match Recap

July 10th 2019: "A lot of players went away, Things are happening behind the scenes at this moment. If there are any players who can add something to the squad we are interested, of course. Our task is to keep our best players in the team, not sell [them]."

June 16th 2019:  "It is a real honour for me to be named Kilmarnock manager, I've spent a lot of time researching and gathering information about the club and everyone I spoke to had nothing but positive things to say about Kilmarnock.  I can't wait to get to work with the players and staff on the training pitch and building on the strong foundations left by Steve Clarke."

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