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Oct 21st 2016: “I played for the Northern Ireland Under-19s when I was 17 and I didn’t really enjoy it, to be honest.  When I was doing really well at Middlesbrough the Under-21s boss asked me to play for them. I sat down with my family and felt it would be a good experience.

“But I ended up pulling out of the squad and I regret that now. I was young and immature. It was a stupid decision I made when I was going through that spell. Looking back, I made a lot of daft decisions when I was 18 or 19

“The senior Northern Ireland team, of course, went on to qualify for Euro 2016. That door is still open from my point of view. I just have to show what I can do on the pitch and hopefully get recognised.  I shut the door at that time, which was stupid, because I was hoping to get into the young England squads but that didn’t happen. There is nothing I can do about it now. I just have to learn from it and move forward.

“When I think about it now, it’s embarrassing but I feel I am more mature. I hope that Michael O’Neill will keep tabs on me if I’m doing well, but we will have to see.  It adds a dimension if you’re playing international football. It’s a bigger stage to play on. Hopefully, if I do well here at Rugby Park something will come of it.  It was great to be back in the starting XI, especially as it was a good result. I have had to be patient. It’s been frustrating because everyone wants to play. I’m 22 next week so I don’t have time to sit on the bench. I want to play every game but it’s the gaffer’s decision so when you get your chance you have to take it.  I feel I’ve grown up in the last year, now I want to play as many games as I can.” 

Dec 21st 2016: "It's hard being away from your family, but you just have to look to the next game, It's been easier with everyone in the same boat. There are not many lads who were here last year."
We have had no time to get home because of all the games, but you have to live with it and it's not the worst job in the world at the end of the day," said Jones, who has made 21 appearances so far. We're always dead close to each another and we all just chill out together.

I was sharing an apartment with Jonny Burn, but he's gone back to Boro and I'm by myself. I am looking forward to the rest and spending some time with my family, but I'm just concentrating on the football. 

At the start, I was in and out of the team, but I've been in now for about 10 games, so I am really enjoying playing every week," he said.

It is a lot easier to settle when you are playing all the time because you are focused on the next game.  I needed first-team football. I am 22 now, so that's the best thing and I am getting it."

Off the ball, the gaffer has helped me massively, I think, before, I just never used to concentrate off the ball. Saturday, I didn't have my best game on the ball, but I worked really hard off it. That is where I have improved in the last few months." - Clive Lindsay - BBS Scotland

May 18th 2017: "We're in talks with the club over a new contract but obviously we're waiting to see what happens with the management situation. Could that sway my decision? Yeah it could. I'm really progressing under Jig (McCulloch) and Peter Leven right now.  They have both been really good with me and the team and if I keep progressing it's only going to benefit me by staying here.  If someone else were to come in that would probably make me think twice about staying on. There is no black and white right now so it probably would make me consider my decision again.  That's just because I've got so much faith in the manager we have here right now. It's not just me, if you see the results we've had as a team under Jig and the way we've been performing as young players then there's every reason to think a lot of us will go on to bigger and better things."

Ki"It's been a good year both personally and as a team. We've all done well, especially since Jig's been in charge. We've come together and the mentality has really changed. We're all looking to get better and better. If we could get seventh place by beating Ross County this weekend it would cap off a good season.  The main reason for me moving up was to play week in, week out and that's what's happened. The first part of the season has really helped me understand the defensive side of the game a lot better. Jig has said to me if I lose the ball it doesn't matter as long as I do the defensive side. So that has given me total freedom on the ball which is great. I think you can see that coming through in my performances now." 

May 21st 2017: Press is reporting that out of contract Killie starlet Jordan Jones has won a first call-up for Northern Ireland.

Sept 16th Lee McCulloch on Jordan Jones Form: "He's already been on stand-by for his country and he's got potential to go to the World Cup, He didn't start last week but if he keeps playing as he did today then this club won't be able to keep him, that's for sure. I try to encourage him every day, to take him out of his comfort zone. We need to make him realise how good he is. JJ knows how highly I rate him - there's no reason he can't go to World Cups when he's playing like that."

Sep 28th on Being Called Up by N Ireland: “All my dad’s side of the family are from Northern Ireland. I got called up for the Under-21s, but I knocked it back when I was 18 in the hope that I was going to play for England.  That call never came and I have regretted my decision since.”

 “I got left out last week and I respected the manager’s decision and just tried to prove to him why I should be playing.  As a team at the start of the season, we know we haven’t been good enough. One point from 15 was nowhere near good enough. “There have been a lot of new faces in over the summer and it is going to take time to come together. We have all been working as hard as we can along with the management and staff and I hope this will be the turning point in our season that we have been looking for.”

Feb 23rd 2018: “I first saw the picture of me and Scott Brown about ten minutes after the game when I was tagged in it. I was about to go off as a sub, and Brown came over and gave me a bit of stick so I gave him some back.  I went to shake his hand and he didn’t shake it, so I just rubbed his head!  I didn’t think the photographer would catch it.  I’m going to have to wear my cricket pads when we play at Celtic Park next!  It’s a funny photo, he’s giving me that snarl he gives everyone.  I just decided to pat his head for a bit of a laugh, but I can’t see him thinking it was a bit of a laugh when we next play them. He said something back, but we’ll leave that on the pitch. We had an exchange when we played them at Parkhead last season.  I don’t think that had anything to do with it — maybe Brown was just in a mood because we beat them.  You can sink or swim in those games, and when I first came up I was a passenger in matches against Celtic and Rangers.  I wasn’t really expressing myself, but that changes with experience, and I feel now I’m ready to do my job on the big stage.  I was right on top of my game last November, but there was a lot of speculation and my performances dipped because of it.  I said to my dad at the end of December I wasn’t playing as well as I had been.  I sat down with the gaffer when the window closed, and both of us agreed Killie is the best place for me.  The gaffer is fantastic, and the team is doing really well so I put all the speculation to the back of my head, and now I want to prove myself.  The gaffer helped me deal with it because I’d never really been in that position before, where you are linked with other clubs.  Kilmarnock gave me a lifeline when I needed it, and I’d never go in and say: ‘I want to leave’, regardless of who it is.  I’ve never really been in that situation, next time I’ll be able to handle it better.   I don’t think there is a manager in Scotland I could learn more off than Steve Clarke.  Once the window shut, I just put it to the back of my head and tried to prove why teams are looking.  It had never really happened to me before, when I left Middlesbrough there wasn’t a whole lot of teams looking at me". 

Dec 27th 2018:  “I’m really enjoying my football. I love it here and there can’t be many gaffers better to work for than Steve Clarke, especially in Scotland. It’s between my agent and the club when it comes to things off the pitch.  I only control things on the pitch. I would never go in and kick the door down to get out. This is the club which gave me a chance and I have always said that. I proved last season that I wasn’t going to kick the door down to get a bigger club. Football is a business but I’ll give 100 per cent while I wear a Kilmarnock shirt. I need to just focus on my football. I had a bad December last year due to the speculation unsettling me a bit.  When I read a whole list of clubs were interested I got distracted but this year I am just focusing on my football and I am getting my rewards. The better I perform, the better direction my career is going to go".

Jan 5th 2019: Kilmarnock winger Jordan Jones has signs a four-year pre-contract deal with Rangers. "Unbelievably proud day for me and my family. I've waited for this moment for a long time and today is a dream come true. I’ve said it before and will say it again I couldn’t be more grateful to Kilmarnock for their support and backing the last 3 years. Without them I couldn’t have achieved this dream. I have given everything for the club and will continue to do so. Thank you."

May 16th 2019:  JJ posted a poignant farewell message to Kilmarnock ahead of his move to Rangers."Three unforgettable years that have changed my life. I will be forever grateful to Kilmarnock Football Club for giving me the opportunity when nobody else did, and for helping me become the person I am today.  Thank you to everybody at the club from the top to the bottom, the three managers I worked under, my team-mates and the fans. "I hope the good times keep coming for the club and I'm sure they will."

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