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Club Killie:
Folder Killie Kickback (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
This is the general discussion forum for all things related to Kilmarnock Football Club. Any untoward posts will be removed and the users banned. No posting allowed by supporters of other clubs, other forums are provided for that. If you have reservations about making a post, then do not post it!
36831 649750
26-3-2015 at 18:37
by FBF
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Folder Killie Memories  
No idea why there was no blurb in here so I thought we should add some in so this sub forum does not stick out like a sore thumb. Killie Memories, for those who can still remember and actually want to.
17 184
20-3-2015 at 09:08
by wild strawberries
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Folder The Killie Trust (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
This forum is dedicated to The Kilmarnock Supporters Society Limited, more commonly known as The Killie Trust. If you want to discuss Trust matters, or even just find out a little bit more about this fans run organisation, then you can do that here. Alternatively, why not visit the Trusts own website at
380 2755
13-2-2015 at 17:32
by bigkillieman
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Folder Killie Clubs (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
Need to find out when the buses are running or when the train leaves? Looking for someone to share friends and family tickets? Want to advertise what your Killie Club is up to and any meetings that you have planned? Do it here!
878 6375
17-3-2015 at 18:18
by bertie_black
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Folder Man of the Match? (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
There will no end of season vote this year for the Player of the Year as we have decided to tally up points on a weekly basis on this forum. After every game the moderator in charge will post a poll with ten names for you to choose from and you may add your comments to the thread if so desired. It's your forum and your vote so make sure you use it.
467 6771
21-3-2015 at 20:47
by destijl
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Folder Killie's Tartan Army (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
The majority of the members of are obviously Scottish and it goes without saying that our love of football extends to supporting our national team as well as Ayrshire's finest. If you have any comments to make about our national team then please do it here.
1496 17156
26-3-2015 at 17:04
by Isle of Wight Exile
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Folder You'll Never Take The Killie! (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
This is the place to have a go at fans of other teams. You can let off steam in here without fear of being banned or warned as long as you stop short of personal threats etc. The swear filter is still in operation but we would advise parents not to let their children on this forum as it can get a bit heated. Over 16's only please. Fans of other teams should post on this forum and this forum alone.
9829 145788
25-3-2015 at 19:50
by killietilidie
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Off The Ball Banter:
Folder Jive Talkin' (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
This forum is basically a free for all, jive talkin' in the American sense! Feel free to discuss anything you like (within reason) on this forum that does not fit into any of the other forum catagories. Polls are allowed, but otherwise, usual rules apply.
8969 137544
26-3-2015 at 16:37
by Jedi2
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Folder Juke Box Heroes (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
From ABBA to Ziggy Marley, everyone has their favourite pop stars and musical tastes, and where there is opinion there are differences in opinion. This forum is for any music related threads so please keep all the Iron Maiden stuff to this board. As the Hippo oft sings at the end of a Karoake night in the Howard: "Thank you for the music..."
2467 36773
25-3-2015 at 22:41
by carpetfitter
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Folder Movie Matters (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
Whether it be about the one eyed monster in the corner of your living room (ooer) or the silver screen, this is where you post about anything TV or movie related. Read the exclusive about how Jennifer ditched Brad for baz...
2010 22909
26-3-2015 at 16:54
by Wrangodog
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Folder The Arcade (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
The advent of Sports Interactive splitting with Eidos heralded the end of the Championship Manager forum that used to be here and gave birth to this new one. If you want to post about any kind of computer gaming then this forum is the place to do it. Whether it be Mac or PC, Playstation or X-Box, you'll find in in 'The Arcade'.
864 10105
11-1-2015 at 13:30
by jordankillie1869
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Folder The Book Nook (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
This board is for those who like Dan Brown as much as Billy Brown...or as little, whatever the case may be! Whether it be classic or cornball, stick all your book reviews and discussions in here. Note to any Yahoos reading may be a bit high-brow for you as the majority of the books don't have pictures.
210 2290
20-3-2015 at 14:21
by kilm53
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Folder Fans' Fare (Forum Moderators: The-Food-Dude
This forum features hotel, restaurant, pub, holiday and football stadium food reviews that fans of our club and visiting clubs can check out and comment on. Official reviews by The-Food-Dude will be posted on special sub-forums...the main forum is for recommendations and any other food related topics only. Please DO NOT post full reviews as they will be removed and you will have wasted your time.
656 8358
11-2-2015 at 21:34
by DrewWylie
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Folder Computer Sez No? (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
Is your PC playing up or your Mac making life a misery? Has your printer packed in or your wireless router went wonky? Consult some of's resident techy whizzkids on this forum and hopefully someone will be able to help you out. Please be warned that will not be held responsible for any advice issued on this board any modifications or alterations to your computer will be undertaken at your own risk...always make a back-up first!
995 6351
23-3-2015 at 21:09
by Scooter
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Folder Have You Heard The One About... (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
Heard or been sent a gag that you just cant keep to yourself? Then post it here and let us all in on the joke! Sorry kiddies but this forum is for members who are over 18 years of age only.
2583 7248
20-3-2015 at 09:19
by theboyjohnston
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Folder Flog It! (Forum Moderators: CB, Killiehippo, MrTumnus, Scooby_Doo, Smiley-Police
Got something to sell? This is the forum to do it on. Please refrain from advertising anything on any other forum on the site except this one.
663 2433
20-3-2015 at 23:29
by troonkilliefan
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