Jamie MacDonald

Vital Statistics

Nickname: None

Position: Goalkeeper

Date of Birth: April 17th 1986

Birth Place: Broxburn, Scotland

Height: 1.85m

Previous Clubs: Musselburgh Athletic, Hearts Youth, Hearts, Queen of the South (loan x2), Falkirk.

Killie Contract: June 22nd 2015 (3 Year Deal).

International: 10 Appearances for Scotland U21.


News & Quotes

June 22nd 2015: "I am delighted to have signed for Kilmarnock and to be playing in the Ladbrokes Premiership again. I'm really looking forward to working with Gary and helping the club progress next season."

August 1st 2015: "I enjoyed working under the gaffer last time at Hearts and I'm looking forward to doing that again. The situations he has been put in before, he has had his hands tied. This is his first season where he has been able to bring his own players in and do his own things from the start of a season. It's half the battle if you have a manager you want to play for. It's the case for a lot of the boys here, he has put a lot of faith in us, and we want to have a good season for him, especially. When I spoke to him he had a desire to bring me here and it's good to be wanted. Last year at Falkirk was great, it's a great club and I thoroughly enjoyed my year there. It was a good league to play in with Hearts, Hibs and Rangers in there, but I didn't want to stay down there for too long because sometimes you can get lost down there. It was a good opportunity to come back and play in the Premiership, and I'm really looking forward to playing in it this season. In football, the best thing for you is competition, you drive each other on to do as best as you can. Whoever gets the nod, fair play to them, and it will be up to the one that's not playing to try to dislodge them. For the one who is in goals, you have to make sure your performances are top notch. We just have to wait for today to see what happens. Hopefully I have done enough to earn that right."

September 13th 2015: [Post victory at Tannadice] “It has been very tough for him (Gary Locke). In training everybody enjoys it. Everybody likes working with the gaffer.  Everything seems okay in training but on Saturdays it has not really been working. So to get those first three points, especially for the gaffer, was great.  You could see here that 
everybody’s working their balls off for the gaffer. Hopefully this win can start pushing us up the table. [McHattie's Goal] It was great technique – a half volley into the bottom corner. Kevin played a big part in the win. [Save v Dow) As soon as the United lad squared it to him I just took a gamble. If I wait for him to hit it, it’s a goal. He’s too close. As soon as their boy cut it back I just threw myself. Thankfully, I managed to get my hands on it.”

October 24th 2015: [Post victory at Dens] "I think a top-six place was our aim at the start of the season and it is still the aim now. We need to aim as high as possible and we are more than capable of a top-six place this season. There has not been a massive difference in training, we are doing the same things now in training as we were then. New players, though, are gelling and there's confidence as well. I think the poor run at the end of last season was still hanging around the club. Their was immense pressure on the gaffer, There were a lot of people calling for his head. But if we keep winning then we can keep moving forward." - BBC, Brian McLaughlin, 24th October 2016

February 24th 2016: “For me, there is not enough emphasis placed onto the mental side of the game, There is almost a stigma surrounding it in this country. People don’t want to talk about it, as it’s seen as a bit geeky.  I see it is a problem with the Scottish game in many aspects. I’d imagine if you go abroad, you’ll see it gets done more. Me? I think the mental side and psychology is a massive part of football and there is not enough of it. Whether it be inspirational words or pictures which make you think positively, or whatever it is. 

“The older I have got, the more I have become open to these things. When you are younger, you just think one way. I’ll come in, train, then I’ll play. But I’m starting to think that you need to work on the mental aspect. It’s a job like anything else and you have your own issues at home likely everyone else. 

The manager is talking about these things such as putting images on the walls and stuff and it can work. It’s about getting on board with his thoughts and ideas and, if we can start using that type of thing and it helps, then it’s a good thing, isn’t it?” 

Our game gets put-down a lot and yet it’s nowhere as bad as some people say," said the Kilmarnock man. "We put ourselves down, yet look at the way they talk about the English Premier League. They market themselves as the best league in the world. 

 Arguably in terms of excitement levels and teams beating other teams and producing unexpected results, it maybe is. But in terms of quality, it’s nowhere near. The English teams can’t live with the Spanish teams. Look at Manchester United last week, they lost to a Danish side in Europe. Yet that won’t stop England from saying it’s the best league in the world because they are positive and talk themselves up. 

 The British mentality in general is quite negative, from a social aspect never mind football. But if we were more positive and big-upped the game,  No disrespect to Gary Locke, but sometimes things happen and you need a change. I won’t say a bad word about Lockey. He was absolutely massive for my career and he was hugely popular among the boys. It just didn’t seem to work out and that can happen. There has been a lift and our last four results have been very encouraging." - The Herald, Neil Cameron, 23rd February 2016

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